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The Cutler Dickerson Co. was started around the late 1890s to 1900. They were incorporated in Feb. 1910. The company headquarters has been at the same location on the corner of College Ave. and College St. from the beginning.

The company started as a feed, grain,hay, and wool buying Co.. It had flour mills in Cadmus and Hudson Michigan in the early years. It also had a retail store on the North East corner of Main and Church St.. this store sold paint-feeds-seeds and had a platform scale right on Church St. for weighing wagonsof hay,grain,coal and livestock. This store was closed in the late 60s.

During the early years the company had its own team of horses for pulling delivery wagons in the local area.

The company continued to grow in the feed manufacturing business and manufacturing a complete line of feeds under its trademark True Blue Feeds. We have been involved over the years in the integrated Cage Layer business and also in integrated hog finishing. The company has always been heavily involved with furnishing feed to loacla dairy farmers.

The Cutler Dickerson Co. today is still in the feed manufacturing business retail and wholesale, plus it is in the seed business, chemical application and many other services.

The Cutler Dickerson Co. has retail stores in Adrian, MI "The Little Country Mill Store", in Jonesville, MI "Jonesville Farm and Home Center", in Saline, MI "Saline Town and Country Supplies", and a manufacturing plant and retail store in Clare, MI "Johnston Elevator".

Our retail stores sell, Benjamin Moore Paint, a complete line of pet feeds & supplies, lawn & garden seeds and fertilizer, water softener salt, Red Wing shoes, Plus a host of other rural and urban needs.

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